Summit K!DS

What is summit k!ds?

At both of our locations, while parents attend the main Worship Experience, we provide a safe, fun, environment for children ages 6 weeks to 5th grade to experience Jesus on their level!

Each class is specifically designed to engage children in an active learning environment based on age. Whether it's nurturing and having playtime with babies and toddlers, or teaching Bible stories through hands-on arts and activities to young learners, or interactive multimedia lessons to elementary children, our incredible volunteer staff go the extra mile to show children Jesus in a way that they can understand!

Kids Check In

For the safety of your kids, we have parents/grandparents/guardians check in their kids each week. If you're coming for the first time, you will give some basic information (Name, Age, Allergies, etc). After that, each time you come to the Summit K!DS Check In booth, simply give your child(s) name(s) and a label will be printed out with a number on it. One copy of the label will go with your child and the other with you. This ensures that the same person who dropped off a child is the same person who picks them up. 

At Hazard our K!DS check in booth is to your right when you are in the lobby. In Whitesburg, K!DS check in is in the Summit K!DS building located across from the Mountain Shriners Building. 

Beyond Sunday

4_520_Activity_Sheetspdf.pdfWe hope that what happens in Summit K!DS goes beyond Sunday. On the car ride home, ask your kids

Did you have fun?

What did you learn? 

A resource we offer for free to everyone is RightNow Media. RightNow Media offers hundreds of free kids programming to help you talk to your kids about Jesus and grow together as a family. If you're not signed up for RightNow Media, click here to sign up for free. Once you've signed up, click here to check out the RightNow Media KIDS page

Click here to download the Summit k!DS online activity sheets.