Whether you have never been to Summit or you serve regularly, every person has a next step that Jesus wants them to take that will lead to deeper and greater spiritual growth. Your next step may actually be to take your first step and surrender your life to Jesus, making Him your Savior and Lord. If you've given your life to Jesus, your next step is to be baptized. Or, your next step could be to become a group leader. Wherever you are, we want to challenge you to move forward. Take your next step! Ask Jesus what His next step is for you to become more involved at Summit! 


If you occasionally come to our worship experiences, we want to encourage you to become a more regular part of our Sunday mornings! Start by becoming committed to being a regular part of our weekly worship experience. If you're visiting for the first time, visit our welcome table for a free gift. If you're a returning guest or you want to know more about Summit and meet some of our staff, come to the welcome table after church for a 10 minute meet and greet we call 'First Step'


If you regularly attend our worship experiences, we encourage you to get involved beyond what happens in the service! A great way to do that is by joining one of our Serve Groups. It is simply impossible to grow spiritually without serving people. Our Serve Groups help the regular practice of serving others become a reality in our lives. There are opportunities to serve on Sundays (Guest Services, Summit K!DS, Student Ministry, Worship Team, etc.), and beyond Sundays (Second Chance Mission, web site, social media, follow up, administration, etc.). Click here to check out and sign up for one of our serve teams. 


We can't grow spiritually without community. At Summit, that means committing to a smaller group of believers and being equipped to serve. 

Life Groups

Life Groups are small groups of people that are learning how to follow Jesus, be changed by Jesus & be committed to Jesus' mission. Life Groups meet on a 12-week semester basis. Our groups encourage each other, study the Bible, serve and share meals together. Click here to sign up for a Life Group.  

Encounter Nights

Encounter Nights take place during the months Life Groups are off. These nights are designed to help our church connect through a meal and encounter God through his word. Rather than simply preaching, Encounter Nights are seminar style experiences focused on a different topic for each gathering. They are usually on a Wednesday night and last about an hour and a half. Click here to see the notes from our first Encounter Night of 2017 - Building & Maintaining Spiritual Passion.


If you are engaging in community and taking initiative to grow yourself spiritually, your next step might be to own the vision and mission of Summit by becoming a partner and being equipped to multiply yourself in the lives of others. 

Become A Partner

To be a partner is to officially make the move from coming to Summit to actually belonging to Summit. Partners pray for, give, serve and collectively help play their part to be the church Jesus has called us to be. To become a partner, we ask that you attend a one hour event we call the Partnership Event. It is one hour long, directly after church and lunch is provided. Click here to sign up for the next Partnership Event. 


Multiply is designed to help our partners know what it means to be a disciple that makes other disciples. Multiply meets once in a classroom environment, then moves to an online group that meets occasionally online. Multiply will officially launch in 2017. 


All Christians are called to be disciples who make other disciples. However, God may call you to lead other disciples. God calls leaders for the church and the world. Whether it is a Serve Group leader, a senior in high school who wants to grow in leadership on their campus, or the CEO who is wants to learn to be the servant leader Jesus wants them to be, our desire is to see leaders lead and serve at every level of society and the church for the glory of God. 

We want to challenge you to take the step towards becoming a leader who makes disciples. This could be with your children at home or your coworkers. If you are a partner who has taken ownership of your own spiritual growth, an active part of one of our groups, perhaps the next step God wants you to take is the step to leading his people at home, church, or the world. 

Leadership Development Pipeline (LDP)

Our process of identifying, developing and releasing leaders is called the Leadership Development Pipeline. It begins with what we call Leader Lab. Leader Lab is offered 3 times per year (January, May, August) and is designed to help you understand what it means to lead yourself and lead others. Click here to sign up for the next Lead Lab. 

Vision Nights

Vision Nights are for events designed for everyone who currently serves in any area of Summit. At Vision Nights you will meet others who are serving, hear stories of how God is at work in and through Summit and be learn how to be we can all grow as followers of Jesus and lead his people more effectively.