Resources for growth

Following Jesus is a daily invitation to come to Him for rest, purpose, and meaning. The resources on this page are not meant to simply inform, but rather to transform. Our prayer is that with God's help you will begin to build rhythms into your life that will allow you to live from the love of God for you every day. 

Rule/Rhythm Of Life - Learning how to live everyday from God's love for you. 

What is a Rule/Rhythm of life

Listen to Mark preach about building your own Rule Of Life

Crazy Busy? 3 Ways To Prevent Hurry & Worry

God In My Everything

Rule Of Life Worksheet. Download to help you build your own rule/rhythm of life. 

The Summit App - Our official church app. Daily devotions, give, listen to sermons, take sermon notes, and more! 

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YouVersion Bible App - Read any version of the Bible, get thousands of Bible reading plans, and more. 

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RightNow Media - Over 10,000 Bible Studies for free about any topic. 

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Emotionally Healthy Spirituality - Going beneath the surface to experience real change. 

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Multiply - Jesus told us to make disciples. This free tool is a great way to help others follow Jesus. 

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Spiritual Gifts - Every follower of Jesus has spiritual gifts. God has given them to us for the good of other people and for our own growth. 

What are spiritual gifts and what are they for? This video may be aimed at church leaders, but it's for everyone. 

The Beginners Guide To Spiritual Warfare

The Bible - here's some tools to help you start reading the Bible, learn how to understand it, or go deeper in it. 

How to read the Bible for all it's worth

Studies on each book of the Bible

Why we believe the Bible

Prayer - Prayer is not something we do, it's a life we're invited into. 

Grow In Prayer.

Breathe. Listen to Mark preach on prayer becoming as natural as breathing. 

The Church - Why the church matters and why we need it. 

Why Church Community Matters. (Watch This!!)

This Is Why